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How To Decide If Add A New Model To Skin Pro Series

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Skin Pro Series has the most models among all DUX DUCIS product lines, and averagely speaking we keep adding 1-2 models to this series every week. Some people are curious about how we decide to add a new model, here are the steps:


Step 1: Collect information of new models


We collect information from GSMARENA, as this website usually has the latest information of new models, and the information is always correct. Besides, we will also collect information from other websites, if you are interested with those website, please kindly contact with us.


Besides we also check with our customers and collect their feedback and suggestions.


Step 2: Analyze and estimate the standby models


Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo are top popular brands in the world, so if a model belongs to this group, we will give priority to it.


Usually each brand has some series, for example, Samsung has S, A, J, N series, if we have case for S9 this year, and S9 sells well, then next year we will make case for S10.


Besides, if a customer prefer a special model very much and place a big pre-order, then we will add this model to the series immediately.


Step 3: Make the decision and start the production


Once decided, we will start the production immediately, usually the sampling will be the first step, and then we make pictures for it, pictures will be uploaded to our website once they are ready, and then you may see the coming models, finally the goods will be available within 7-15 days if everything goes well. You may also check the latest models with our sales representative.