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Do You Often Update Your Product List?

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We usually update our product list each week, including adding new items and delete discontinued items, updated product list may be sent to you via email, Skype, WeChat, please kindly contact with our sales representative for getting it.


Specially speaking, the latest phone models will be added into Skin Pro Series first, as it is our main series for phone case. For example, it is said that Samsung Note 9 will be released on 9 August 2018, and we already have the Skin Pro Series case for Samsung Note 9 today (9 July 2018), so you may find that the case is launched about 1 month earlier than the phone. If you have the latest product list, you will find that Samsung Note 9 is added into the list.


Besides, we also develop and launch new products irregularly except mobile phone case, such as wireless charger, car charger, wall charger etc., recently 2 new wireless chargers and 1 new wall charger will come out soon. Regarding our new product plan, you may also check with our sales representative, your suggestion and feedback are highly appreciated.